Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Such kindness from people we would have never imagined.

That's the only way I can relate the thankfulness I feel in the pending marriage of my daughter to her sweetheart. As soon as the announcement was made people started pouring forth, offering help.

But it is the magnitude of the offered help that is so astonishing. One sister offered her singing group (nationally recognized bluegrass gospel group) to sing the couple's love song 'The Promise'. Free.

Another offered to do all of the bridal party's hair for them. Again, free.
People offered to bring food, thier specialties ranging from hotter than bleep chili, to taco soup, to my aunts famous barbequed meatballs.

Last night, an offer that about brought tears.

My cousin, who lives a state away, offered to make the wedding cake. Free. Just because she wanted to do something special for my daughter.
Now, this is not just any cousin. Her cakes are entered in contest, wanted for parties and showers, and she has really made a name for herself with her designs. I had been practicing to make the wedding cake. Now, I can relax knowing it will be professionally done.

The tears mentioned above? Tears of gratitude to know how much people really do care about us. They show it with thier kindness.

By the way- my cakes are coming along. Here is the latest one. It has white chocolate strawberries on top, candle wine glass pillars, and dark chocolate strawberries on the bottom. Ymmmm!

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