Sunday, September 20, 2009

What is his tactic today?

As the shower water splashed down my back, I thought, 'Wow, I slept so good last night'. Okay- we can rule out that one as the devil's tactic for Sunday morning. Wonder what he's up to today?

I should have known it wouldn't take long to find out. As I ripped the hairs from my eyebrows with a wax strip, he took his first punch. The blue oil used to soothe the smarting spot fell off the bathroom sink guessed it, right down the front of my white skirt. Yay. Strike one.

In the tub, the water drained slowly. Very slowly. One glub at a time. The toilet bubbled. My husband could hardly walk from his back hurting. He crawled around under the house last night, trying valiantly to find the blockage in our plumbing.

Setting on the edge of the bed, Frank let out a "Praise the Lord!"

I looked at him. And smiled.

He just simply said, "I'm leading my household by example."

Take that devil!

We smiled as we left for church.

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