Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Coffee time surprises

Talk about a shake up! But, it was a good shake up first thing in the morning.

My morning routine is like clockwork: Stagger out of bed. Stumble in the dark to the bathroom. Growl at the cat who is wrapping around my leg like static cling and causing me to trip on my way to the kitchen. Pour out yesterday's coffee...unless I'm so desperate I can't wait for a new pot. In that case I will reheat a cup while waiting for the next pot to brew.

Stand by the pot, urging it to hurry, while I take blood pressure meds and look outside to see what the weather looks like. Hurry coffee! Wander into the living room and check my Facebook. Hurry coffee! Feed the cat. Turn on the TV. Hurry, hurry, hurry coffee!

But not this morning. This morning, between growling at the cat and trying to get my bleary eyes to focus while chanting my morning mantra, 'hurry coffee', I see a message for me on Facebook.

Really? A personal message instead of just vague observations from others, whoopee!

It is from another writer, and guess what she is wanting? Advice! From me! Talk about head swelling. I almost forgot my coffee, I was so delighted!

Of course I know that I'm not JK Rowlings. I haven't even made the best-seller list yet. Still, she thought enough of my writing to want advice. And now she has it.

Just as I have her advice, which I have used many times, for my cake-baking business.

You see, we may not be famous, but each of us has blazed a trail in a particular woody area of life. A trail that we will gladly mark off for others to follow.

In asking for the path, she unknowingly made my day.

Good luck on your writing, my friend.

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