Thursday, February 10, 2011

Team Grace

A very pregnant lady. A veterinary assistant. A writer and a mechanic. What do they all have in common? A love for Duke Blue Devils basketball. Last night, all the different people from all of the different walks of life paired off onto two sides, one side for Duke, the other for UNC.

Ding!Ding! Let the fights begin.

When the dust settled and Duke won, after much back-slapping and trash-talking, these same people separated back into their other lives. But for a moment they were a team. They were Duke.

Many areas of life are like that. People who would otherwise never talk are brought together, often by strange circumstances, to team up. Doctors are side-by-side with janitors in the stands, pulling their favorite Nascar driver. Viewers ranging from transcriptionist to child advocates to snow cone makers all cast votes on the next 'American Idol'. Hard rocking Ozzy Osbourne teams up with teen-love Justin Bieber on the side of a 5G phone.

A whole community will come together over an outrage, as in the case of little Zahra Baker. People who would keep on walking, minding their own business, now attend the memorial service with thousands of others who are crying out for blood, for revenge of this tragedy.

But the greatest formation of a team ever witnessed is 'Team Grace;' the worldwide true body of Christ.

Not only communities, but every nation, every walk of life, every profession and economic status--they all form this many membered team...this body. A suit beside a pair of over-alls beside a nursing mother beside a president, all bound up in one. And their common denominator?

Grace. Unmerited grace.

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