Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cooking adventures with the fire bug!

Okay, so a call to the fire department seemed a likely next step. But that would be terribly
embarrassing. Well, you see officer, I was craving some french fries and the grease puddled over the side of the pot and ...

It's really amazing how many thoughts can tumble through a brain, each racing to the front, as your kitchen fire is growing in size and aiming now for the exhaust fan and beyond.
A pan lid to smother it. Call the fire department. All this for some fries, come on! Salt! Salt will put out a grease fire!

The salt won out. Indeed, after half a box poured liberally into the eye and surrounding areas, the fire was finally out. The black greasy soot is everywhere. The air is smokey and little fingers of black stringy 'stuff' are floating on every breeze, but the house is still intact.

Now, I get to clean up the after-effects of a craving gone wild. And I just cleaned that stove top squeaky clean last week, darn it!

Amazingly enough, the fries were crunchy and perfect. But I'm baking the rest of them...just for the sake of my health and the health of my home. You understand, right?

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