Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ookie Noodling

Ookie Noodling. Never heard of it? Well, neither had I and I have lived in West Virginia with the strangest of the strange. By the way, Bigfoot is alive and well. But, I digress.

I have done some fishing. Bank fishing. Muddy, vine twined, cotton-mouth laced banks. The memory of sitting near rancid water and watching a huge cotton mouth slither from a tree limb to the river below still gives me heebeegeebies.

Now, imagine going up those same banks, while IN the water. Not only walking along the banks while in the water, but running your hand under the edge of the river banks!

Why would any sane person ever do such a thing? (Well, sane is the keyword there, okay?) They are looking for catfish. GIANT catfish. GIANT catfish that they catch with their bare hands!

Ole 2 finger Joe claims it's perfectly safe. No problem. Run yer hand up under that thar bank and when that fish latches on, pull it out.

Never mind that there are other things in that murky, muddy water besides catfish. Beavers, gators, and did I mention...SNAKES?

"They probably won't hurt ya," assures the one they call 3 toed sloth.
Sloth noodles with his feet, which I am told is perfectly acceptable.

Will I ever go noodling in just my undershorts with a bunch of long-haired men with bandanas on?


No amount of trophies. No amount of so-called prestige. No amount of peer pressure.

No way.

No noodling!

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