Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Beautiful dream homes

The house was HUGE. Beautiful beyond belief. It made our beach house look like a tar-paper shack. The kitchen had so many sunny windows, windows everywhere. And a dishwasher. I had really missed my dishwasher. I was really enjoying this dream. It didn't matter how I had gotten the money for this McMansion. It was mine and I was so happy. There were more rooms off the kitchen but so many that they would just have to wait until I got done exploring this vast kitchen.

At my mile long table, my mother-in-law was peeling cold boiled shrimp into a bowl. Well, okay. Then Frank's granny appeared. OMG! What is she doing in my house? And she was laughing. Granny was never happy. Why was she being happy in MY kitchen? As I pondered that, I looked out the window. Frank was being escorted by a police officer and an...FBI agent maybe? He was on crutches too. His ankle again? And how was I going to explain to him that I had bought this magnificent house with 33 1/2 acres of land?

Then, somehow by transfer only possible in a dream, I was in the lower level of the house. The room size rug was gorgeous. When I lifted it, I discovered two more beautiful rugs underneath that the previous owner had left behind. And the basement--the basement was fully finished with at least 3 more bedrooms. Oh, this was the greatest dream ever.

I noticed a kitten poking through a hole (yes a hole!) in my basement wall. Is that the kitten I lost years ago, Amber? No. It couldn't be. That kitten would be fully grown now. But maybe it's the same family since there are two more kittens out in the yard on an old beat-up car hood. Why is that car in my dream?

Come to think of it, why is Granny in my dream? She hated me. I hate old battered cars. Why is that car in my 33 1/2 acre yard ? How did I afford this dream home? How am I going to explain to Frank that I bought this place?

What the heck did I eat before I went to bed last night????


Dee said...

Dont you just hate it when after all that...you wake up. I like this pondering, could it possibly continue for maybe at least a year! I love to be continued's. Is that a word? Drop the d. Oh well back to the subject at hand, I love this. You had me at full throttle, and then you chocked me. Bummer,anymore dreams? Please post. Loved it, keep 'em coming. Irma

Anonymous said...

As always I love your blogs and your dreams! You have some doozies but I was thinking when you were talking about transfering as only you can do in dreams that maybe God gives us dreams to realize that one day we will be with Him and only a thought will transfer us to another dimension and our mansion? It will be perfect! I love you!