Monday, June 27, 2011

Unplugging the cork.

Feigning confidence. Supposedly a lot of people do it, and do it so well others never know that inside they are the most insecure people ever. To me, it would be akin to trying to fake being a size 2. Someone is going to look at me and figure it out.

Being a writer is even harder than faking. All of the guide books state 'Have a thick skin. You're going to need it.' Okay, but aren't most creative people also very sensitive? How in the world do I get thick skin when people keep peeling my skin right off with harsh comments, criticism and the ultimate dart: No comments at all?  Immediately my mind starts up: You stink as a writer. These people are laughing at you. Your family just tells you that you are a good writer to pacify you. You need to just stick to reading... It goes on.

Much like singing. Once, I got up to sing in church. I was so scared that my throat shut down. It was like trying to sing through a straw. When I finished, I sat down. After church I received several comments. "You sounded like a Quaker (hahaha)." "The microphone was shaking so badly that all we could hear was the quivering." The most hurtful of all? "God made some to sing and some to sit and listen to the singing." That one cut to the quick.

Did I stop singing? Yes. Did I stop writing? No. For me, singing is optional, but writing...writing is necessary. It is my only way of unplugging the cork and letting the inside flow out. I don't speak well. I am actually terrified of public speaking. But put me at the keyboard and I will get up on my soapbox and let 'er fly, telling everyone exactly what I think. Same person. Different outlets. 

How do you express yourself? Do you sing? Write? Are you a thinker? A conniving plotter? Are you a brilliant public speaker who thrives in the crowded spotlight?

Whatever you are and however you express it, don't quit. Don't let the naysayers stop you. Soar in silence, or write loudly. Sing to the masses or in the shower. And most of all, look at the lack of comments as a blessing. At least they aren't negative comments, right?


Anonymous said...

Well, lets see.I am family.and I do enjoy your writings Sometimes,they make me laugh others may make me cry.It all depends on what you write.Oh, some of them maybe happy tears(just thought I would throw that in) not due to bad writing at all.About the singing.I also enjoy your singing,because its from the heart.Not saying others isn't from the heart.Whatever you do, write or sing always do unto the Lord.
I try to leave comments when my computer will allow it..I sing in the shower or while I clean, I scribble alot just to vent..or take a walk and talk to the Lord and sometimes myself..and yes, I have even answered myself before.I have always said that when you should worry(lol) But anyway..Keep up the writing and keep on singing for the Lord..I love ya sis..Have a bless day <3

Dee said...

Sharon, Why do you care what people think or say. Their idiots! Are you not singing for the Lord? You feel it, sing it, tell all who dont want to listen to leave please ,their hindering the service. Oh my what a writer you are. I am so amazed every time, your words just flow so easy. Your my Erma Bombeck, she had such a sense of humor. And you have that special gift with the words with that twist of humor. It just amazes me with your every writing. You have such a wonderful way with words, and how you put it all together. Please keep on writing and let those juices FLY! Get out of the way everybody!!! Here she comes

Anonymous said...

I'm the same way you are. I can't talk well but when i sit down and start writting, it's like my fingers just start thinking for me and i can go on and on and on. I'm just not as funny or witty as you or i'd be a writter too :) Can you figure out who i am?????