Thursday, June 16, 2011

The first time...again.

Three months of waiting comes to an end today. Much like pregnancy, she has been tortured, wondering...
Now in a couple of hours, her labor will be over. She will hold him. For the first time, again.

She's probably crying right now. Tears so thick they have shut down her throat. Unable to talk. Unable to do anything but hug that baby to her chest, to drench his neck as she buries her face in it. She will snot all over his new outfit, or his dress uniform. She will look up, into that face she loves more than her own life, try to speak, and then just hug him tightly again when words fail.

That is a mother's love. There are no words necessary. Whether an infant being cuddled for the first time or a soldier graduating basic training, the love is still the same. No words necessary.

All over again, she will keep him, home, for a few fleeting days, the days between carrying him home in a blue blanket to kindergarten, high school--they will go that fast again. This time, the days are  military leave until he flies out for the other side of the states and beyond. But the pain will be the same. The same painful pride she  felt when he got on the bus for kindergarten, when he walked the stage for his diploma, pride mixed with fear. She was losing him.

She will lose him again in about two weeks. The tears will fall again. And again. Her mother's love will never change. Every time she loses him and every time she gains him back, even for a few brief hours...

Every time she holds him to her chest for the first time... again.

(This post is dedicated to my sister-in-law, Lorie, who has went through every gamut of emotions while her boy was in basic training to be an Army Infantryman, to Joshua the soldier on his graduation day, and to Amber as she anxiously awaits the months left to be a mother.)

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love this. so true

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