Monday, June 20, 2011

Superior Stupidity

The beautiful lab was looking out the back window at me, seeming desperate for someone to help him. How could anyone turn away from those gorgeous brown eyes? And how could anyone leave that sweet dog locked in that sweltering car while they shop in the Dollar General?
I went in the store to get my cashews, forgetting the dog. Focus, Sharon, focus- coffee and cashews, that's what you need, coffee and cashews.
When I came back out  10 minutes later the poor dog was still setting in the hot car. Many thoughts crossed my mind: Go in and tell the management. Go in and tell the owner you are with the Humane Society. Go in and knock that knuckle-head right in the nose! Do you not have one ounce of sense in your head???
But, Frank frowns on me getting involved when the animals aren't mine. And it tears my heart out. Who will take up for the Lab with the helpless eyes if I turn away? By now, I'm sitting in the car right next to him, watching. Should I just call the police? Does anyone besides me care about this animal?
Several people walk out of the store. And past the car. I start eating my cashews. There is no way I can just drive off. I also can't look away when an animal is stuck on a 3-foot chain, or when one shows up in my yard, emaciated and begging for food. They can't talk. They can't ask for help. But, somehow, they know I will do all I can. Just like this Lab knows I'm not going to let him die out there in that car.
Finally, after an eternity it seems, his owner shows up. She does have the courtesy to talk to him as she unlocks the car and calmly puts her bags in the trunk. I can't help but give her a hateful look. I can't help but notice she has an ice-cold Mt. Dew in her hand. The other hand doesn't have an ice-cold water for her dog.
Man- at times like this, I become Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, and all the others that take matters into their own hands. I would love to shove her in the backseat, roll up the windows and go inside for 30 minutes. Just as I would like to chain all those dog owners who put their animals on a chain with no companionship, no others to play with, just a prison sentence on a chain for life, in their own backyard for a week. Just as I would make those that don't feed their animals go without for three days, with only luke warm water to drink...
Maybe then, animals wouldn't suffer for human stupidity!

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Anonymous said...

So what did you do, what did you doooo????????

Jane said...

I feel the same way! Of course other things cross my mind like knocking the glass out of the car so he can breathe!!! I hate animal cruelty and yes it is b/c a lot of people don't think. That lady probably never realized that it was 90 something outside making it way over 100 in a car with the windows up! Glad she came back before it was too late. I just hope that next time she will realize.

Dee said...

Yes, I agree Sharon. You should have said maam, do you know how hot it is out here? Do you know how hot it is in your car? Do you know that is animal cruelty? Why do eggheads own animals? It happened in Walmart parking lot last year and it was totally embarassing for the customer.Hip, Hip Hoorah! Great story Sharon, maybe it will be of help to some of these eggheads, that is if they can read.