Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Downy blankets.

Hot, sweet apple pie. And although my homemade crust is no Martha Stewart winner, it will pass in this house. The cocoa is made on the stove, not out of a packet. Little mini-marshmallows are now a creamy foam on top.

Just spotted a splash of red against the white as a cardinal dashed through the flakes and into my cedars. Is there anything prettier than the deep green of cedar boughs heaped with fluffy snow on the tips? Well, maybe. But from this window that is a lovely site.

Thankfully, Frank has a job inside, warm as toast. His fingers won't freeze and he won't be laying on the frozen ground under a car somewhere. Tonight, when he whooshes in with the blast of Arctic air, spicy chili will greet his nose and warm his belly. Maybe, just maybe, he can be persuaded to try out the sled run from our porch to the creek. The trick is to jump off just in time.

And with the forecast calling for this to keep falling, maybe we can even snuggle by the fire and watch the lawn get tucked in with a downy blanket of white while we snore beneath our blankets.
Here's wishing you cooler weather...or at least cooler thoughts :)

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Dee said...

Bring on the SNOW...Oh my it sounds so good. Warm belly full of chili, a good man to snuggle under the blanket with and the snow falling outside and were warm as toast. And yet how sad the lady with the daycare and no air. Yes, I'm sending cooler thoughts now. God Bless. And Sharon, keep on keeping on.